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History Channel is producing an on-site Skinwalker Ranch series

Image by Flash Alexander from Pixabay

The producer behind The History Channel’s popular shows Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island, Kevin Burns, was recently approved by the network to begin production on a new series focused on Skinwalker Ranch.

The 480-acre location for the series is based in Utah’s Uinta Basin and has been the source of decades’ worth of UFO sightings and paranormal activity reports, including the legendary shape-shifting wolf creature from which it derives its namesake – the Skinwalker. Reported episodes of cattle mutilations, crop circles, and doorways appearing in midair are also part of the Ranch’s history, altogether promising ample material for a multi-part television production. Permission was obtained to film on-site, according to the show’s announcement via Deadline.com.

Skinwalker Ranch has generated a significant amount of interest in terms of stories, documentaries, and overall public interest following the 1996 publication of journalist George Knapp’s book on the topic, Hunt for the Skinwalker. Last year, producer Jeremy Corbell released a documentary by the same name, focused on the topics described in the book along with related interviews and footage of the property. The film provides a comprehensive overview of the Ranch’s history and perspectives from the local community.

Billionaire hotelier and commercial space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow purchased Skinwalker Ranch in the mid-90s after reading a newspaper column describing the previous owners’ strange experiences on the land. He intended to study the phenomena under an organization he’d founded for similar tasks called the National Institute for Discovery Science. That project was later disbanded in 2004 without releasing any significant findings other than somewhat debunking certain triangle UFO sightings as military prototypes. Skinwalker Ranch itself was also transferred in 2016 to Adamantium Real Estate.

No further details about the Skinwalker Ranch series are available at this time; however, the trailer for Corbell’s film is linked below for more background on the topic.


Honestly, this particular topic is the stuff of my nightmares, and I never know what to really think about the super paranormal episodes that people report. I am usually puzzled when I hear of government officials wanting to leave UFO sightings alone for fear that they are demonic, but giant wolves walking upright? No, thanks. I would prefer to pack up, move elsewhere, and let the high weirdness stay weird.

If demons are real and running around Skinwalker Ranch, I’m certainly not going to be knocking on any doors for more information. Thank goodness there are people out there, like Knapp and Corbell, that can handle it all. All that said and considered, I’m hoping to get some sleep tonight without my mind taking some imaginative liberty.

And yeah, I’ll probably watch the show.