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Review | Alien Highway: “Murder on the Prairie” (S1E4)

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I’ve come to really enjoy the Alien Highway show overall. It has the sensationalized trappings of any television presentation, but rather than add spice to an otherwise silly or boring show, the production actually takes away a bit from the serious evidence being collected. I usually don’t like reality show productions for UFO or paranormal topics because nothing really happens. They do better with research and collected interviews rather than on-site, let’s see what happens type deals. I was very happy to see this show get some real results, though. Each time I watch, I’m impressed that they captured what they did on camera.

Episode 4 of Alien Highway dealt with one of the first phenomenons that captured my attention with regard to “weird” events like UFO sightings and the like – cattle mutilations. The Chuck Zukowski-led team went out to Colorado to interview land owners whose farm and ranch animals had been de facto victims of strange, sudden deaths that were inexplicable by anyone, even professionals. Several residents told their relevant stories on camera and expressed frustration and/or confusion about what was experienced.

All the animal mutilation witnesses interviewed in the episode described the classic signs of one of these events including laser-like cuts and precision, blood drainage, and an appearance of strange lights in the area prior to the animal deaths. Any investigations done by local police or veterinarians were left inconclusive. The events had also occurred multiple times over several years, and one owner had even begun to track the location of where the mutilated animals were being found to determine whether there was a pattern or other notable similarities involved.

This one particular owner (and his wife) led to the most interesting part of the episode for me. Zukowski and team ended up traveling to a river area near where several mutilations had previously occurred, and amazingly enough, they captured footage of a moving light in the sky and the reaction from the cattle in the field underneath. The herd was visibly spooked by something right as the light showed up. Obviously, there could be completely mundane explanations for both happenings (plane/drone/predator/coincidence), but I thought it was refreshing to see something of interest on a show looking for answers.

The question of a government conspiracy as an explanation for the events was raised at one point in the show, which doesn’t seem implausible considering the information presented. However, there’s no way to confirm or dismiss the notion without further investigation. That’s really where things left off – this all sounds very interesting and credible, but a real deep dive is needed to get past the shock of what’s been found and figure out what’s driving it all.


I find it pretty alarming that these mutilation events happen somewhat regularly without any final explanation. I’ve read debunking attempts that focus on natural predators (apparently acting entirely unlike any predators we know about), but one that I found the most unlikely (moreso than aliens harvesting DNA) was the theory that an unknown government agency was monitoring for Mad Cow Disease. It’s the classic two-fer: It’s not aliens, it’s the government.

Perhaps there is a touch of merit to this, though. After all, with over 10,000 animal mutilation cases in the country since 1967, it certainly seems like a concerted effort, and if the government is using reverse-engineered alien tech to explain the UFOs and lights, all the pieces fit…. Except the “why” part. I don’t know that a program held at that level of secrecy with such a gruesome side effect would have a positive intention. It seems more plausible (if plausible is the right word) that genetic material is being sourced for lab studies by extraterrestrials. These animals are a food source of ours, so they could be perceived as just as ethical to be used as mice are to us.

I do think natural explanations require just as much skepticism as the alien ones. For every one factor that can be explained by flies or what have you, at least two more factors discount it. For example, decay theories require an animal to be dead for longer than overnight or a few hours in some cases. Also, no blood seepage, no tracks, and huge, healthy animals in the midst of a herd with no other signs of strain or struggle…come on, now.

Whatever it is, it’s weird. We know nature can be weird, too, so all options are on the table. But waving away the unexplainable using weak explanations is a disservice to everyone.

If you haven’t seen Linda Moulton Howe’s A Strange Harvest, I highly recommend finding it on YouTube for a great first course on what the cattle mutilation phenomenon is all about. Otherwise, scout around for other shows and reports dealing with the issue.

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