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Opinion | Area 51 raid and the broader issue of government secrecy

Area 51 Alien Highway
Alien Highway. | Image: Pixabay

The “Storm Area 51” event is, at the time of this writing, 3 million people strong and growing by the minute, per its Facebook page. The joke is even starting to concern the local government and military to where they’ve issued warnings in case anyone is going to take the idea seriously and actually show up. I think this whole thing is fascinating for two reasons which are intertwined.

First, the fact that 3 million people are interested enough in the topic of UFOs to join in on the fun surrounding long-held government secrets is a sign of population mobility. Comedic intent or not, if even a fraction of those people were to descend on a secretive government base, it would set a new precedent for citizen response to government overreach.

That’s the second reason I find this raid discussion fascinating. Whether or not aliens or alien tech are actually present at Area 51 (and most ufologists, along with Bob Lazar, say there are not), it’s a well known fact that there’s a huge black budget part of the US government that is accountable to hardly anyone. Not even the President is allowed to see what’s in the black budget without a “need” to know, and Area 51 is the epitome of that black budget.

There’s national security for the citizens, and then there’s security from the nation’s citizens, which is what seems to be going on in many cases. The way some of these programs operate, they might as well be a breakaway civilization whose entire economy is unwittingly funded by the US taxpayer. And we have absolutely no say in what they’re doing, nor are we allowed to know what they’re doing.

Area 51
Area 51. | Image: Pixabay

I have a problem with that, and so do a lot of other people. Altogether, that makes this Area 51 raid that much more interesting. Yes, it was posted as a joke, but the reason why it’s even an idea is because the government is hiding something to begin with. At what point is it too much secrecy? At what point should the citizens of a country decide their government has gone too far?

It actually upsets me that a huge citizen-led raid on a military base could lead to bloodshed. We assume this is a stupid idea because people can get hurt, but as a broader concept, our government is doing things with our money that it will use military force to hide from us. Assuming we’re not talking about a small conspiracy militia, but rather millions of citizens responding to a government out of control that has in-effect become an enemy with its own agenda… There are some serious considerations here. There are some serious implications, to say the least.

I don’t actually think this will amount to anything other than maybe an annual get together to have fun. I don’t think very many of the people who’ve signed up as “going” are actually going to show up. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more media there than actual attendees, and hey – I’ll take aliens in the mainstream media any chance I can get. We finally have some credible evidence of UFOs making the news rounds lately, and I can’t help but hope it may be the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come.