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Review | Alien Highway: “Missouri Mayhem” (S1E5)

alien highway missouri mayhem
Missouri lake. | Image: Pixabay

This episode of Alien Highway dealt with the mysterious UFO and orb sightings happening in and around Piedmont, Missouri. The area has had hundreds of reports since 1973, most describing noiseless disc-shaped crafts with flashing red, green, yellow, and white lights. The witness accounts featured on Alien Highway included a psychological aspect to the sightings as well, including a sense of beckoning, being watched, and danger.

Similar to other episodes, the team collected some very good witness testimony and captured some odd things on camera in their investigation. One unique story involved possible holographic deer that seemed to be “spotters” for aliens studying humans. The man who described the incident, which actually happened twice, was a seasoned deer hunter. The show’s team also held a town hall in the hopes of getting community members to speak openly about their UFO experiences, and the audience’s reluctance to talk was a pointed reminder of the stigmatism that comes from being open about sightings.

Episode preview for Alien Highway: “Missouri Mayhem”. The binary light signaling setup is seen at the end.

My two favorite parts of the episode were when some of the team’s activities seemed to pull real data. First, the crew cameras malfunctioned while investigating a reported landing site and gave off EM readings when tested. Second, the team used a binary light signaling setup, i.e., a light rack that translates 1’s and 0’s into simple messages by lighting bulbs into a pattern, to attract a UFO. They did see a result after signaling that was unusual, to say the least.


Overall, I liked this episode of Alien Highway, but I was bummed it ended so suddenly. I’d love for there to be extended footage available somewhere, similar to what many news shows are starting to do. Maybe a couched discussion or roundtable show that comes on after the episode similar to what The Walking Dead has would be a hit for these UFO shows, in my opinion. There are plenty of podcasts and other deep dive shows on networks like Gaia where similar topics or the episodes are discussed, but if History Channel of Travel Channel did a sister show with the cast and crew right after an episode aired, there would be so much more to learn and enjoy about the show’s content.

I’m also curious about EM readings and what the conventional explanation is when they’re found. It’s not a matter of, say, a cell phone dropping signal in a dead zone. There’s legitimate EM activity happening in an odd and very specific spot. The Baltic Sea Anomaly has weird effects on equipment, too, which is one of the things I don’t see as congruent with conventional explanations. I’ll have to do some more digging on it, but it’s interesting overall.