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Review | Alien Highway “UFO Terror” (S1E6)

Why do creepy things always happen in forests? | Image: Pixabay

This episode of Alien Highway focused on a couple from Missouri that is constantly being visited (harassed?) by some sort of presence that may or may not be alien in the sense that it’s usually described in ufology. The husband, Steve, seemed to be the primary target of the strange activity, mostly colored orb-type lights, due to an abduction experience he had when he was younger, and he appears to have a case of PTSD from it. Whatever is co-occupying the couples’ home and surrounding land with them has clearly created a terrifying environment which has disrupted their lives.

There were a couple of instances in the beginning of the Alien Highway team’s investigation where the group’s skeptic – Dan Zukowski – was almost vindicated in his disbelief due to misidentification of mundane things as ‘alien’ lights. However, the rest of the findings ended up vindicating Steve instead. No conclusion was made as to what was being witnessed, but in the team’s usual fashion, quite a few bits of evidence were collected that corroborated what Steve claimed he was seeing. Heather Taddy’s background in paranormal investigations came in handy for this episode as well. Using a recorder to capture EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), a message was picked up from something in Steve’s basement.


I really felt bad for Steve after watching this episode. He was obviously scared of whatever he was seeing, and the footage and EVP captured by the team indicated that he had every reason to be that way. His basement was particularly creepy, but quite interesting. Specifically, the “Are you from another planet?” question from Heather Taddy that was replied with “You tell me,” via the EVP recording really gets me thinking about what was going on.

Admittedly, the cases with lights and orbs don’t fit any frame of understanding I have when it comes to alien topics. The closest thing I’ve read before was an astral projection technique called “The Watcher” in a Llewellyn book about the topic. As detailed, astral substance was projected to go and observe a place as directed and would return after a time to report back to the projector. I suppose (among many many suppositions) lights and orbs could be some version of that but for an alien race.

Alien Highway orbs
The orbs in this episode of Alien Highway seemed to operate a bit like a traffic light. | Image: Pixabay

The matter of paranormal activity at Steve’s house in this episode of Alien Highway could be related to something interdimensional perhaps? Actually, to completely let my imagination run wild, it could be akin to the Dr. Who episode, “The Eleventh Hour,” where a shapeshifting alien has escaped to Earth. The voice heard in Steve’s basement could be the thing that’s taken residence, invisible to humans of course using a different vibrational frequency or something, and the lights are like a security system, hence the colors and “warning” mode.

It could tie into Steve’s abduction by the “prisoner” alien having escaped at that time and has followed him ever since, perhaps blending its own vibrations with Steve’s. Say perhaps Steve is tagged by the aliens that abducted him in such a way that he’s easy to find, and the escaped alien uses that tag to mask itself from being found. The weird wooden structures under the burnt trees in the woods around Steve’s house could be the alien trying to signal its race to come find it using something super rudimentary – kind of like using morse code. The wood and metal mix in the pile could be part of the signaling somehow. Or maybe a step up for height?

Okay, I know that’s all over the top, but it’s fun…and makes more sense to me than anything else at the moment.