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Review | Hunt for the Skinwalker (Film)

Arctic wolf. | Image: Pixabay

The phenomena reported at Skinwalker Ranch located in the Uinta Basin of Utah sounds incredible. The first-person witness accounts from locals and visitors that have been printed and published in a variety of locations seem quite credible. And given the abundance of UFO sightings, paranormal occurrences, and overall high strangeness in the area over the decades, I expected great things from this documentary. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

On the whole, the cinematography and production of Hunt for Skinwalker was in itself fantastic. Jeremy Corbell has amazing talent and creativity with film, and I loved the Bob Lazar documentary he did recently. Maybe I knew more about Skinwalker Ranch than I realized, which took away the emotional or incredulous response I may have had hearing the stories for the first time. Admittedly, I’ve seen quite a few programs that have cited the area in its presentations, so perhaps I’m not the best judge or the intended audience.

An anonymous owner of Skinwalker Ranch is interviewed in the film. | Image: Jeremy Corbell

However, my opinion still stands. I will also note that it wasn’t the lack of shock that drove my disappointment, but rather that there was an over-reliance on stories throughout the film, and most were not first-hand accounts. George Knapp narrated and also had a bit of dialogue in the beginning where he describes the evidence and materials he had access to, not to mention his decades-long friendship with Bob Bigelow who owned the property for many years, but nothing really comes of that. Even when an anonymous and censored researcher from the group that currently owns the ranch was brought in to present new and/or compelling information, I was again underwhelmed by his stories and print outs of photos with blurry UFOs in the sky. I definitely blame my perspective here on too many documentaries seen over the years – maybe I’m tough to impress?

I will say that I liked Knapp’s clarifications about Bigelow’s involvement in the field of ufology during his interview with Corbell in the film. His explanations about competing UFO investigation groups and the lack of community cohesion was a bit eye opening as someone who is new enough to the research to not have a full awareness yet of that dynamic.

At some point, I’ll listen to the audio version of Knapp’s book that this documentary is based off of and perhaps have another look at the film to see if my perspective changes. Until then, it is what it is.


It’s worth a watch if you’re completely unfamiliar with Skinwalker Ranch and haven’t seen many documentaries and shows on similar subject matter. Perhaps a pass if you’re knowledgeable about the area and the stories.

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